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About Talawa

​ Talawa was created to help community based organizations collaborate with their membership. These organizations would include religious groups, non-profit charities, social groups and in limited cases, businesses. ​

Though software applications exist for these types of organizations (eg. Breeze ChMS, The Realm) they assume their memberships are fully literate and have access to email. We wanted to create a system that would work for countries with similar technology and education challenges as Jamaica. ​

Talawa has three main components. A mobile application with social media features, a web based portal to be used by the organization’s administrative team, and finally an API providing access to data and features. ​

Talawa originally allowed any mobile application user to create their own community organization, one or many times. They would automatically be the administrator. We thought this would be unmanageable, and decided to remove the feature. In our updated design, mobile users can log into the organization of their choice, one at a time, with administration being done through the web portal. Administrators may also have limited access to management features through the mobile application. ​

The Palisadoes Foundation wants to eventually host Talawa as a cloud service to help finance its education outreach. ​

Talawa’s desired main features for 2021 are: ​

  1. User news feed
  2. Event calendars with lightweight project management
  3. Group chats
  4. Member notifications
  5. Donation acceptance
  6. Service provider level multi-organization capability
  7. Plugin support for administration services such as billing