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About Talawa

​ Talawa was created to help community based organizations collaborate with their membership. These organizations would include religious groups, non-profit charities, social groups and in limited cases, businesses. ​

Though software applications exist for these types of organizations (eg. Breeze ChMS, The Realm) they assume their memberships are fully literate and have access to email. We wanted to create a system that would work for countries with similar technology and education challenges as Jamaica. ​

Talawa has three main components. A mobile application with social media features, a web based portal to be used by the organization’s administrative team, and finally an API providing access to data and features. ​​

The Palisadoes Foundation wants to eventually host Talawa as a cloud service to help finance its education outreach. ​

Talawa’s desired main features for 2021 are: ​

  1. User news feed
  2. Event calendars with lightweight project management
  3. Group chats
  4. Member notifications
  5. Donation acceptance
  6. Service provider level multi-organization capability
  7. Plugin support for administration services such as billing