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Github India in association with Reskilll sponsoring the 2021 GitHub Externship and The Palisadoes Foundation has applied as a participating organization. (We are awaiting confirmation. These GitHub Externship pages are preparatory.) This page is your entry point to our program. Please watch this page for updates concerning our participating in 2021.

About Talawa

The Palisadoes Foundation has been sponsoring work on this open-source project for a number of years. We hope to launch it in alpha at the end of the summer. Talawa is a modular open source project to help community-based organizations such as clubs, neighborhood groups, volunteer associations, non-profits and small religious institutions manage their daily activities. Most user interaction is via a mobile app.

Students Read This

This section outlines all you need to know about getting involved with the program:

  1. Learn about GitHub Externships.
  2. Decide if you are eligible for GitHub Externships.
  3. Review the Talawa website.
  4. Read our 2021 Talawa internship presentation
  5. Learn more about Talawa on our YouTube Channel.
  6. Get familiar with important GitHub Externship documentation on this site:
    1. Examine the list of available Palisadoes Foundation ideas.
    2. Read our Externship application guide.
    3. Get familiar with our selection criteria.
    4. Consider using our application template for your submission.
  7. Research the GitHub issue trackers for the projects at:
    1. Talawa:
    2. Talawa-API:
    3. Talawa-Admin:
  8. Introduce yourself on our #introductions slack channel. You can join our Slack Channel using the link on the Talawa repository's home page file.
  9. If you do not see any interesting projects from the proposed ideas or issues, we encourage you to contact the Palisadoes Foundation’s mailing list and propose a new idea. The Palisadoes Foundation does not encourage and will not respond to your personal new open source project ideas which are unrelated to any Palisadoes projects.
    1. You can subscribe to our list at
    2. You can send queries to: img
  10. The Ideas list is manually updated, please contact our mentors if the page is not being updated.
  11. Mentors can be contacted on our slack channel or at: img
  12. Add an avatar to your GitHub profile. It will make it easier to associate your proposal to your work.

Good luck!