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Selection Criteria

Each applicant to The Palisadoes Foundation’s Talawa programs will be assessed using the following criteria

  • Previous Contributions to the Talawa repositories
    • This includes contribution before the selection period officially starts
  • Communication Skills
  • Technical Knowledge & Skill

The above criteria will be expanded on as follows.

  • Previous Contributions to Talawa
    • Quality of Issues and Pull requests
    • Low quality Issues and PRs will be ignored when assessing students
    • We prioritize merged PRs in our evaluations
  • The quality of any submitted proposal
  • Communication Skills
    • Behaviour and Attitude toward mentors and other contributors
      • Were students respectful when interacting with others?
      • Did students handle disputes appropriately?
      • Did students perform any malicious actions to gain an unfair advantage for themselves or to deter others?
    • Knowledge in using collab tools such as GitHub
      • Appropriate format for contributions were used when creating issues and PRS
      • Accuracy when following contribution guidelines
      • Collaboration tools were used appropriately (i.e. Bad practices such as ‘force pushes’ in git were not used)
  • Technical Knowledge and Skill
    • Knowledge of our tech stack (Flutter, NodeJS, Mongo, etc.)
      • Experience using our stack
      • Previous projects to show affinity with our stack
      • Willingness to learn our stack
    • Knowledge of deploying systems
      • Deploying backend applications to cloud services
      • Deploying frontend applications to appropriate mobile stores (Google Play Store & Apple App Store)
    • Ability to finish the tasks in a prompt manner and create a productive workflow.
      • Ability to independently work on an issue or feature
      • Quality of code
        • Maintainable
        • Readable
        • Documented

General Minimum Requirements for any student that we will assess

  • Students should have at least one properly closed issue and merged PR made on the repository
  • Students should be receptive to any feedback given to them from mentors
  • Access to all required hardware and software for development on our project
  • Access to a stable internet connection

Areas of focus for our application. Students must clearly outline which areas they are interested in under the following. Students will be assessed on multiple areas of focus

  • Talawa Front End
    • UI/UX designs & reviews
    • Development of UI
    • Development of Features & Functions
  • Talawa API Backend
    • MongoDB Database
    • NodeJS
    • GraphQL
    • Security
  • Talawa Admin Web Portal
    • TypeScript
    • GraphQL
    • Security
  • DevOps
    • Deployment of Front and Back End
    • CI/CD Pipeline for Front and Back end
    • QA

NB: Students will have to work on multiple aspects of the application, but breaking it down will give everyone a more “clear cut” role when they’re deciding what to work on. (i.e. A student won’t be accepted if they're only willing to do UI/UX designs and reviews. If a student would like to work on all areas related to the front end, that would be fine.)

Mentors may at any point decide to hold an interview with any applicant to decide whether or not they are suitable for selection. This is completely optional, so students may be accepted without participating in an interview.