Talawa Documentation


Non-Profit Community Relationship Software


Talawa is a modular open source project to manage group activities of both non-profit organizations and businesses.

Core features to be developed include:

Talawa has two software components:

Talawa has been managed by the Palisadoes Foundation since the project’s creation in 2019.


There are a number of sets of documents that cover the talawa portfolio.


The mobile app used by members of your community to organize events and activities.


The software that runs behind the scenes to provide information to the mobile app.

About The Palisadoes Foundation

talawa code was created by the Palisadoes Foundation as part of its annual Calico Challenge program. Calico provides paid summer internships for Jamaican university students to work on selected open source projects. They are mentored by software professionals and receive stipends based on the completion of predefined milestones. Calico was started in 2015.